In a challenging time, we turn to you as our little Ekko bravely fights for a healthy beginning in the intensive care unit. 

Born on Nov 6th at 3:40 PM, Ekko needs our collective strength to conquer the hurdles ahead.

**The Struggle:** Upon his birth, we discovered the gravity of Ekko’s health issues. Despite multiple consultations with our medical team, we realized there was nothing different we could have done to prevent the situation. Ekko received insufficient oxygen at birth, resulting in significant brain damage. We’ve been by his side at the hospital, committed to staying until circumstances dictate otherwise.

**Why Your Support Matters:** The physical and emotional toll has kept both of us from returning to work. While this is a substantial challenge, we are also grappling with uncertain medical costs. Regardless, we remain steadfast, knowing that extensive recovery time has led to miraculous turnarounds. Ekko has been in the NICU since birth, relying on various medical interventions. Your donations will greatly assist us in managing the accumulating bills during this emotionally trying period.

**How You Can Make a Difference:** In this moment of need, we humbly ask for your support. Baby Ekko has already felt immense love from our community, and we’re determined to provide him with the best possible care.

**Spread the Love:** While we understand everyone has their own lives, any form of support, be it a donation or a share, means the world to us.

Your compassion serves as a guiding light for Ekko’s journey to a healthier, happier future. Thank you for being an integral part of this challenging yet hopeful journey.